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Serving more than 453 Car Washes with one-on-one personal service.

We are a DRB Preferred Vendor

We print gift cards, ticket books, coupons, windshield stickers, direct mailers, fund raising materials, brochures and other sequential numbered or bar-coded items so our customers can prevent theft and track sales results (For DRB and Non-DRB car washes).

Hopefully, you are taking advantage of DRB System’s customer codes or are specially coding your marketing communications to create a customer database for your car wash. Getting, and talking to, repeat customers are where profitable results will come from.

We can help you do that.


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Gift Cards

Both gift cards and prepaid cards are reloadable and reusable, and many carwashes purchase both.

Gift Cards

Typically, customers buy gift cards to give away and prepaid cards for themselves, giving you two opportunities to sell.

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Web Services

An informal survey of our customer base showed that 80% of them now have a website.

Web Services

The biggest advantages to owning a website seem to be in couponing or email marketing, but many customers will check just to make sure you are open.

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Coupon Books

Many car washes substitute wash books for prepaid cards, and vice versa.

Coupon Books

The question always comes up as to which is the best way to go. The answer is that it depends.

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Windshield Labels

We offer face adhesive, barcoded or variable numbered, windshield labels that have been tested by DRB to scan through the windshield glass.

Windshield Labels

They are destructible, printed with security slits so that they will fall apart if customers try to remove them, and printed on heavy duty vinyl.

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We offer pre-designed or custom gift card presenters and envelopes.


Most customers order gift cards without the dollar amount on the card. With these presenters your customers can write in their gift amount.

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Direct Mail

Direct mail seems to have fallen out of favor with car washes with many people hearing mailings don't work or trying them and not liking the results.

Direct Mail

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Carwash Marketing 101 says to offer grand opening specials and fundraising opportunities for the local community.


Get them to come in, create goodwill and collect name and contact information and create repeat customers.

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Most car washes design brochures for their unlimited plans or to hand out to fund raisers to explain how the process works.


Event flyers are also popular.  Price will be based on quantity and whether or not they will have variable barcodes on them.

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We provide high quality design services to our customers if they request it. These rates are standard.

$75 for gift cards, presenters or coupons. $250 for brochures. $150 for postcard mailers.

Typically customers supply us with their logo and/or menu signage if they wish us to create the design. We will also print from supplied art and will provide your designers with templates if needed.



Wolford Communications was formed by Paul Wolford in 1993 to provide focused public relations strategies and direct response marketing services to a client base that included banks, credit unions, the rubber companies, manufacturing and service companies.

Through our involvement in variable data printing for direct response customers, we gained the attention of DRB Systems and became a preferred vendor in 2010.

Since then, we have specialized in carwash marketing, bringing added value to our product offerings through our unique marketing and public relations experience.

Call us for all your marketing needs.

Paul Wolford

  • 866-826-6047

  • paul@wolfordcommunications.com

Our Core Values

“We have been in business more than 25 years and printing for the car wash industry for more than 10. If I had to choose one core value that has guided us through those years, it would be customer satisfaction before profits.

“It is very important that our customers have a positive experience with us and/or get full value for the money they spend.

“If we become a commodity to our customers, if you ever say that all printers are alike, then we have failed.

“We deal with car wash managers and owners. They understand the car wash business but may not understand the printing process or totally understand the marketing potential of the software package they have purchased. It is our job to make both understandable and provide them with enough information to make an informed decision.

“We also understand that our products are an extension of your brand, and your image must be protected with a quality product. Quality print, quality paper and quality plastic cards.

“We apply the same standard to all orders and all customers, large or small.”

-Paul Wolford

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