quickquackLast month we told you about Quick Quack Car Wash’s plans to open a slew of new locations across the state of Utah. This month, they’re celebrating the opening of one of those locations with a promotion they’ve done before. Customers visiting the new wash during its first 10 days will receive free car washes.

The car wash announced its plans in a press release this week. The California-based company said they will host a grand opening for its location in Layton, Utah from Sept. 20 through Sept. 29. The business will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

When we wrote about the same promotion last year, we pointed out just how brilliant the idea is. It nearly guarantees traffic in your first week and goes a long way in establishing what could potentially be your future customer base. To recap, we’re sharing our three tips again for doing something similar at your own car wash.

1. The cost of the giveaway could be considered just another cost of getting set up, like purchasing equipment, except it’s part of your marketing spend.

2. Be sure people know about the promotion. Large streetside signage should be simple and clear; don’t ask drivers to read very┬ámuch as they’re passing by. Radio ad buys catch people while they’re driving and in a car wash mindset.

3. When customers do arrive, wash their cars for free, but don’t let them leave without getting something from them first: their email address. The first days of any startup are the best time┬áto build your mailing list because the people signing up are excited to see a new business and support it. Early adopters are usually the most loyal customers.