The new $2 million car wash can clean 100 vehicles in an hour by doing six at a time. | Wisconsin State Journal

A car wash facility in Waukanee, Wisconsin has gone from washing 11 cars an hour to 100 after a pricey $2 million upgrade, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. Ultimate Car Wash washes six vehicles at a time and pulls them along a conveyor belt totaling 120 feet in length. The entire wash and dry takes just four minutes.

Most competitive car washes in the county also use conveyor belts but they require customers to get out of their vehicles to pay. Ultimate Car Wash incorporates an automatic teller. The vacuums are self-service though. You can get a free vacuum if you pay for gas or a wash.

“We started researching different components and went to a couple (of trade) shows and we actually developed a car wash that’s probably a little nicer than the one up (in De Pere) because we have two sets of brushes and a little longer conveyor,” company president Randy Meffert said. “The conveyor is very user-friendly. It’s wide and easy to get on to.”

Prices for the touch-free washes range from $7 to $16. The automatic wash uses lasers to sense the size and shape of each vehicle so that the water is angled properly for the wash. The car wash is one of three like it in the entire state.