Millennials are more aware of marketing in general and how marketing campaigns depend on the consumer. This doesn’t mean that your current car wash marketing strategy won’t work on the millennial demographic, but it may require a few tweaks to meet them on their level. These three things — a personal and customized message, meeting online, and representing what you stand for — will help millennials see that your car wash is the place they want to take their business.

1. Personal and customized message

Car wash marketing targeting millennials needs to have more a personal or custom feel because millennials want to build a relationship and feel like they’re getting value out of their transactions. A car wash marketing tool to implement would be benefits that center around life events like birthdays and weddings. If you have an email newsletter or frequent wash club it would be easy to add a discount for a birthday, wedding, or the birth of a child to support celebration. Millennials may see this discount as a way to try your car wash and experience your location, which opens them to becoming loyal customers over time.

2. Meet them online

Tailoring a car wash marketing strategy to the millennial audience means you have to meet them where they are, which is online, on their phones, and in person. Millennials will do lots of online research before they decide to make a business their go-to, which means you need to have an updated website that educates the user and sells them on your product. (If you need help building a website, get in touch.) Having current social media pages will also help users decide to sign up for your email newsletter, so being active on Facebook and Twitter will only work in your favor.

Many businesses have apps to support their membership card and current promotions which makes it easy for customers to redeem coupons or discounts from their phones. This isn’t to say that paper flyers won’t work too, you just need to put them in places millennials will see them, make sure they support your values, and aren’t too generic.

3. Represent what you stand for

Millennials have different values compared to other generations. While the boomers value family, practicality, and power, millennials value charity, the environment, and convenience, which means your car wash marketing strategy should cater to these as well. This can be done by showcasing what your business stands for. Market how your wash is environmentally friendly or which charities you support. Millennials also appreciate convenience which can be showcased through emphasis on your car wash speed, quality wash, or the perks of free morning coffee while you wait.

The important thing to remember is to adapt your current car wash marketing strategy to the new demographic. You don’t want to lose customers who enjoy your service now by making too many changes to draw in millennials. By adding a birthday discount and a few flyers that accent your values or mission statement you’ll start to attract the millennials while continuing your winning service that has built your customer base.