As a first time owner it can be difficult to establish your brand new car wash as a destination for your community. You’ve put a lot of time and money into this business so it’s important to start on a good note and show the customer that your car wash is a must visit location with excellent service. These five car wash marketing tips will help you hit the ground running and draw in customers that will hopefully become regulars.

1: Make your grand opening an event

The community has seen your car wash being built or renovated as they drive by during their commute so fulfill the curiosity by having a grand opening event. This is also a great way to start your car wash marketing by trying signs, flyers, and mailers to increase hype about the event. On the day of the event you could offer discount washes to get more traffic and even have something for the kids, food vendors, anything to draw more attention to your opening day to invite everyone to explore your location. Creating a buzz around your grand opening will help you establish yourself in the community and demonstrate how your car wash is an asset.

2: Use smart car wash marketing

How you market your car wash will show customers why you’re the destination for a wash and will help keep your business fresh in their minds. This can be done with smartly placed signs that are visible from the street and highlight your best deals, most popular washes, or whatever you’d like to sell. Marketing can also extend to online locations as well on Facebook, Twitter, or local community sites. You want to establish your brand so when people see your logo or colors, and hear your name they know exactly where to go and what you deliver.

3: Reward loyal customers

Everyone loves being rewarded for their loyalty and this is a great car wash marketing tactic to show customers you notice their frequent business and appreciate them as a customer. Loyalty rewards could be a punch card or similar system that provides a discount after so many washes. Other car washes have success with an unlimited monthly wash program which rewards loyal and frequent customers with higher discounted washes the more they visit your location. Word of mouth in the community also helps extend your reach so give loyal customers something to brag about from freebies to loyalty rewards and you’ll have repeat customers in no time.

4: Establish a social media presence

Your car wash marketing plans should include social media because that’s where your audience is. Having a Facebook page for your business is the perfect place to market your website, share your promotions, and educate your followers on what products and services you offer and how they can benefit from a wash. There are plenty of people who have been meaning to get their car washed and if you pop up in their Facebook feed they’re more likely to remember your business the next time they’re out and have time for a wash.

5: Partner with local businesses

Lastly, another good way to get your name out there and do some car wash marketing is to partner with another local business. This could mean selling ad space in your car wash tunnel, displaying an ad in another business’ window, or partnering to host an event or being a sponsor. Any way you can get your name out in the community will help you make more sales and establish repeat customers.

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