Car wash marketing can feel overwhelming between scheduling and running promotions to advertising and staying current on your website, blog, and social media platforms. Not to mention, you know, running the actual car wash. Here are five easy car wash marketing tasks you can do every day. If you’re really focused, you should be able to check each of these boxes in 30 minutes.

1: Update your social media page

Staying current on social media is key for your car wash marketing campaign as it keeps your page current in social media feeds and helps make your business the top choice in your field. A social media update can be a reminder about a current promotion, a general business update, or sharing a link full of useful information for your audience. Remember to vary your updates from day to day so customers don’t get bored or see your posts as spam instead of useful car wash marketing.

2: Respond to comments

Another great way to stay current with your customer base is to respond to the comments you receive on social media. This is great for car wash marketing because it shows you are connecting with and value your customers. It only takes five minutes to check your page and see what traffic you are generating. Taking time to answer questions, respond to comments, and show your presence will boost your current car wash marketing strategies and drive traffic to your pages.

3: Cross promote your blog posts

A simple task that really helps support your car wash marketing campaign is cross promoting your blog posts or website content. It only takes five minutes and is basically sharing a link along with a line or two describing the link. This will help drive traffic to your pages and show customers that your website offers relevant and unique content that they can benefit from reading. A strategy like this can help add followers to your newsletter and promote your current discounts, services, and programs.

4: Read your reviews

A necessary car wash marketing task is reading your reviews. If you have taken ownership of your Yelp or similar review pages you need to be reading the reviews in order to make changes or maintain your current customer service. While reading reviews every day can be difficult and potentially discouraging, you need to be receiving consistent feedback. Another way to receive feedback is directly on site with comment cards or through follow up emails. Checking one of these three areas most days will help you stay on top of the feedback and helps you adjust your car wash marketing campaign to highlight your attributes.

5: Place an order for marketing supplies

You never want to run out of gift cards, coupon books, windshield/door jam stickers or any of the other hard materials you use to keep customers coming back to your business. It’s a good idea to take stock of your remaining inventory about once a week. If you’re running low, just shoot us an email or give us a quick call and we’ll make sure you’re always in supply.

Finally, not everybody has a spare 30 minutes a day to take care of these marketing tasks. If you need help planning and executing a car wash marketing strategy, get in touch with Wolford Communications today.