It’s not too late to double down on your holiday car wash marketing promotions. And everyone knows gift cards are one of the best last-minutes gifts there are. Plus, they make great stocking-stuffers, and this time of year everybody can use a nice car wash. This is the time of year to maximize your sales to hold you over for lower-volume months. Wolford Communications is here to help you do that. Check out these five tips and get your winter gift card orders in now.

Promote purchases with gift cards

A great way to increase your holiday sales is to create a purchase promotion, such as spend $35 and get a $10 gift card or a free wash. This will get customers to shop your floor and potentially do some holiday shopping in addition to buying a gift card. How you structure your promotion is up to you but consider how your car wash marketing has worked for you all year. If your best seller is a higher tier wash maybe offer a free wash with a gift card purchase to get customers to try something beyond their usual purchase and get something for themselves at the same time.

Have a gift card display and social media promotion

In order to sell more gift cards you have to make customers aware that you offer them and make it easy to purchase them. By running a social media promotion highlighting your gift cards, both the types of gift cards you offer and explaining how they work, you can use your car wash marketing skills to get more customers in the door. Once you get a customer in the door, make it easy to find the gift cards and check out. Many customers will stop in after their wash to pick up a gift card and they don’t want to wait in line or have to ask how to make the purchase. A simple social media promotion explains your whole gift card program and how to take advantage of it in the store.

Targeted holiday marketing

Make sure you market your gift cards in the weeks leading up to the holiday rush. This will keep your product and your business in customer’s minds and will make it easy to use your car wash marketing strategies to make more sales. You can run a holiday promotion that highlights the fact that car wash gift cards are great for any season and any recipient. This will remind customers that a car wash gift card can be great as a stocking stuffer, teacher appreciation gift, or suitable for those tough to gift people like college students, handymen, or postal workers.

Market to self-givers

Gift cards aren’t just for those to give, it’s also a great opportunity for customers to invest in themselves and show a customer they can treat themselves. Use this idea in your car wash marketing but especially around the holidays. Show customers they can benefit from a gift card for themselves by upgrading their car wash, paying ahead so they have their car washes covered for the next season, or entice them to spend more in your store so they get a smaller gift card for themselves.

It’s never too late to start

No matter what your car wash marketing tactics are with gift cards remember it’s never too late to start. If you have gift cards, physical or digital, start telling your customers and showing them the benefits of your gift card as a last minute gift, a treat for themselves, or a great stocking stuffer.