It is important to have a branding strategy. Your car wash brand is your identity and it is something that your customers will associate with their experiences. Once you have your brand and your identity, you need to increase your car wash brand awareness. While there are many ways to increase your brand awareness, here are 5 ideas to increase your car wash brand awareness.

1. Pay Terminal Decals

Many car washes today have some kind of weather resistant POS system. With DRB they call it an Express Pay Terminal. These decals and wraps are completely customizable. Decals are the best way to create brand awareness directly on-site. Every time that a customer goes to your car wash tunnel they are going to see your brand on your decals.

2. Use Social Media

It isn’t enough to just have a Facebook page. Shake off the cob webs on your social media pages and engage your customers. Simply talking to your customers and thanking them goes a long way. Let them see that your company is made of people like them rather than just a faceless, auto washing machine.

3. Get a Website

A website is a great way for customers to see your brand and learn about what your company does. Your website is only worth something if people can find it. SEO or paid Google AdWords are good ways to improve your position. You should also try to get people to sign up for an email list at your car wash.

4. Refer a Friend

You can increase your car wash brand awareness by asking your customers to refer a friend and rewarding them for doing it. Maybe give them a dollar off of their monthly unlimited car wash plan.

5. Public Relations

Here’s an older method of generating brand awareness that is extremely effective. With a little bit of creativity you can create an event or fundraiser that is newsworthy. Your local news organizations will be happy to feature your car wash.