The Carwash Industry has been seeing some big changes over the past few years. Internal and external pressures have caused the industry to evolve. Technology, growth, and consumer preference have taken the carwash industry to new heights and have created new challenges for business owners. What are the 5 trends for 2018?

1. Automation is a trend that isn’t necessarily new, but it is a trend that hasn’t plateaued just yet. With reduced labor, increased operation time, and increased profitability, it is no wonder that more carwashes are adopting this technology. Carwashes are using RFID technology to recognize their monthly pass customers. This brings us to our next trend.

2. Monthly Membership Programs are a great way to make your monthly revenue consistent. Many carwashes fear the cost of allowing for unlimited washes and rightly so. Other carwashes have found the programs to be a huge success. See a blog we have previously written on the topic here. The biggest benefits to the Monthly Programs are increased value in the form of a more convenient customer experience and consistent, anticipated income.

3. Technology in the Automotive Industry is still a problem. It is not reported whether the auto manufacturers have resolved the issue on collision avoidance systems and mistaking car washes for traffic hazards, but there are a new set of problems to worry about now with self-driving cars. Many carwashes are looking to ban them altogether. Progress is normally good and has been great for the carwash industry, but as auto manufacturers continue down the path of innovation we may see more complications in the future.

4. Sonar Technology is another trend. It can sense the vehicle type and automatically adjust the wash accordingly. This can really cut back on chemical and water waste and save you money while providing a better wash.

5. Customer Tracking is a trend that isn’t likely to slow down any time soon. Tracking gift cards and coupon behavior is one of the many successful methods for getting to know your customers and then offering them a better service or more targeted ad campaign.

The Carwash Industry is always changing. New trends and complications fueled by technological innovation and customer demand are always arising. We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what trends or complications you have experienced. You can message us on our website or comment on our social media posts.