Car Wash

An elderly man was probably checking his front tires at a car wash in Massachusetts when the vehicle suddenly rolled over his leg and pinned him to the ground, the Wakefield Police Department reported yesterday.

In an incident first brought to our attention in Reading Patch, they reported that “calamity ensued” after the man’s leg was trapped. Emergency responders raced to the scene and even cleared space in a nearby field for a paramedic chopper to land. The 82-year-old man was rushed by Med Flight to a hospital in Boston, where his condition is unclear.

The man was visiting the Quick and Clean Car Wash in his Cadillac on Monday when the accident happened. It’s still not clear how exactly he got stuck under his car, but the police believe he left the car in neutral.

According to the police department’s news release:

Preliminary investigation revealed that the man had parked his car in the lot and got out to possibly check a tire, not realizing that the car was not fully in park. The vehicle began to back up, pinning his leg under the front tire. The accident is still under investigation by officers from the Wakefield Police Department.