With all this talk of snowstorms and blizzards, it might be difficult to picture an end to the cold weather. But at least two car washes across this snow-covered country have benefited from brief breaks in the harsh weather. In Wisconsin and Maryland, car washes told their local news stations that drivers were lining up to wash the snow and salt off their vehicles recently.

In Perrysburg, Maryland people were lined up for car washes Monday at Ultra Car Wash. The business told 13ABC they’ll wash cars in weather as cold as 5 degrees. In the past, we’ve told you about how to encourage clients to come in for a wash even when the temps are below freezing. Despite what some think, it won’t hurt the car if done properly.

And in Wisconsin, warmer winter weather meant a similar uptick in sales. reports that any break in the weather usually means a busy day for local car washes. At Quick N’ Clean Car Wash, that’s certainly the case.

“After we got our big storm, couple days after, the first warm day, bam. It was 800-900 cars,” said Caleb Parcher, assistant manager at Quick N’ Clean. “A couple hours we were doing 100 cars an hour, a line out to the road the whole day.”

With so much salt on the roads to combat the snow, it’s a good time to remind people to wash the grime off before it rusts. 41KSHB decided to remind their viewers of that in Merriam, Kansas this week. It’s especially important if your vehicle’s paint is chipping, they said.