hauntedwash.jpgWe couldn’t resist sharing one more post about a haunted car wash, this one from Muskegon, Michigan. It seems everyone got into the Halloween spirit at the business just in time for the day itself. The pictures speak a thousand words, but MLive.com also offered a few of their own to summarize the key points of the wash. We’re featuring the first four of eight here.

  1. Most of the actors/ employees are dressed like various ghouls but there is a creepy clown, pictured here at center. When you enter the car wash tunnel, strobe lights work to disorient you and illuminate those in costume.
  2. You can watch a sneak peak of the haunted wash in a quick video featured on the publication’s website. Check it out if you’re worried you won’t be up to the shock, but don’t look if you want to keep everything a surprise!
  3. The car wash is held at Van’s Car Wash in Muskegon, Michigan.
  4. The haunted wash opened this season on the Wednesday before Halloween and ran through the weekend.

To find out how much Van’s Car Wash charged for the event, continue reading MLive.com. That’s where you can read about the charity the business decided to donate the proceeds to, and all the mechanics of actually moving vehicles through the wash unscathed! If you have pictures of your own haunted car wash, send them into us here at the site and we’ll feature your car wash in a future write-up!