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At Wolford Communications, we believe every business owner should have access to the same powerful marketing tools as major brands. Over 800 companies count on our products and strategies to grow their bottom line.

What sets us apart is our personal attention to each client — we take the time to understand your needs and connect you with the right solution.

Founded in 1993, we have evolved from providing print, marketing, and PR services to major corporations to focusing almost exclusively on the car wash industry. In 2010, we became a DRB preferred vendor.

Today, our mission is to empower small business owners to aggressively compete and deliver value in their communities.

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Founder and CEO

Paul began his marketing career at a little known auto-parts company called Summit Racing. But after developing their mail order catalogue, the company was by 1993 a “Cinderella story” and is today one of the largest suppliers in the world. Paul has delivered print, marketing, and PR services to multinational corporations and mom and pop stores alike. His vision for high-quality, fast, and affordable services is the core of our business.


Head of Product

Sam drives the product vision at Wolford Communications. Having joined the family business in 2017, he developed a platform for email, text, and social media marketing for our car wash clients. Sam has helped to deliver significant revenue and acquisition growth for our clients. He also manages internal operations at Wolford Communications. (Habla español.)


Head of Marketing

Ben was an early employee at Proton, a privacy-focused technology company. During his time as director of digital content, he helped scale the company to over 300 employees and helped drive growth to over 40 million users. He is also a small business owner, having founded a local publishing company in his community in Ohio. Ben designs and executes marketing strategies to help our clients succeed. (Habla español.)

Our Core Values

A letter from Paul Wolford to our customers

We have been in business more than 25 years and printing for the car wash industry for more than 10. The single core value that has guided us through those years is customer satisfaction before profits.

It is very important that you have a positive experience with us and get full value for the money you spend. If we become a commodity — if you ever say that all printers are alike — then we have failed.

Car wash managers and owners know the car wash business but may not be as familiar with the printing process or totally understand the marketing potential of the software package they have purchased. It is our job to make both understandable and provide you with enough information to make an informed decision.

We also understand that our products are an extension of your brand, and your image must be protected with a quality product. Quality print, quality paper, and quality plastic cards.

We apply the same standard to all orders and all customers, large or small.

— Paul Wolford