The car wash is terrifying when you're 2. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

The car wash is terrifying when you’re 2. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

The car wash is a chore for some, a business for others. For this 2-year-old girl, it’s the most terrifying thing ever.

Her father, Max Gibbons, posted this video on YouTube recently, and now his daughter is famous, with 114,000 views and counting. “My daughter had a pretty adorable reaction to the automatic car wash,” Gibbons wrote. “It was her first time through — we tried coaching her beforehand so she’d be ready and not scared. Did not work. And don’t worry — she’s pretty happy by the end and made a full emotional recovery.”

In the midst of it, though, it seemed pretty clear she’d be scarred for life. “No car wash!” she cried as the soap pummeled her world. She buried her face in her blanky most of the time as her parents tried to reassure her. “It’s OK, we’re safe,” her dad says.

By the end, however, she was pretty thrilled, if shaken. “All done!” she says.




Somebody else last month posted their kid in the car wash, too. This little guy is much more calm. He looks over, like, “You seeing this, too?”