Note: This is not the same meat from the road. (Photo: Flickr)

Note: This is not the same meat from the road. (Photo: Flickr)

Heads up if you’re eating right now. There’s some gross imagery in this story.

Drivers in upstate New York had a nasty encounter on the highway this week that sent them all straight for the nearest car wash. Rotting meat — lots of it — splattered on the roadway ended up splattering their cars, too.

According to the Glens Falls Post-Star, nobody knows how the stuff spilled all over the street, but crews from the transportation department have cleaned it up. As for the cars, Hoffman Car Wash in Queensbury seems to have handled that messy chore.

So, what’s the best way to clean dozens of cars plastered with stinky meat? Matt Phillips, a manager there, tells the newspaper he had the drivers hose down their vehicles in a self-service bay before going through the automated car wash. He guesses there were 35 cars in all, and the smell was overwhelming. “My guys had to step out for a while, it was so bad,” he said.

Says one unfortunate driver: “I immediately took my Toyota 4Runner to a car wash but it was too late. My vehicle still smells like rotting meat. Flies are swarming on my vehicle at my office.” The person added that the meat seemed less like meat than chicken fat. Why somebody was transporting chicken fat and why that person did not secure his or her chicken fat more securely, we may never know.

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