bbbsWe don’t usually write about car wash fundraisers that make the news because they happen so often and because most consist of the same formula. A part of the proceeds is sometimes donated to a cause. Other times, groups rent out a hand-wash and customers give their money to the group who offers their labor for free.

But this car wash fundraiser in Arizona caught our attention. The annual Paul’s Pay It Forward Car Wash raked in more than $250,000 this year. It’s the ninth year the car was has taken place. Each year, the money goes toward a local chapter of the national organization Big Brothers Big Sisters.

So how did they manage to do it? Well for one, it wasn’t just a one-day thing. The fundraiser began Oct. 17 and went through Oct. 21. That’s five days of activities and lots of hype due to word of mouth.

And the event was sponsored in part by two local Phoenix TV stations who came out each of the five days to offer coverage. DJs set up tents and played music live from the venue, promoting it on air. There were also appearances by unnamed “professional sports teams’ mascots and cheerleaders, unique vehicles and celebrities.”


Event organizers said 700 vehicles were washed over the five-day span. When people weren’t paying for a vehicle wash, they were coming by just to give cash and in some cases, big checks. Desert Ridge Marketplace hosted the event.