The sloshing water. The colorful bubbles. The groan of the machinery. It’s a little hypnotic, isn’t it?

One car wash devotee in Kansas thinks so.
“So I have a bit of a confession to make: I am addicted to the automatic car wash,” she writes in the paper she works for, The Emporia Gazette. “Let me explain.”

Brandy Nance, the online and news editor at the paper, says that after a hard day’s work, she can think of no better place to unwind than at her local automatic car wash: “What I learned during that seven or eight minutes it took the machine to wash, wax, rinse and dry my car, is this: for those several minutes I was fully in the moment — enjoying what was right before me. I didn’t think about my worries. I didn’t wonder what was next on my to-do list. I was 100-percent involved in that car wash.”

There have been other reports of people claiming “car wash therapy” works. But often they’re talking about do-it-yourself jobs in the driveway. “Call me crazy,” writes one, “but I truly feel that washing the car is therapeutic.”

Nance’s car wash therapy sounds more like color therapy, aroma therapy and music therapy all rolled into one. Aside from opening up whole new marketing avenues — “Half off car wash therapy after work, from 5-6!” — it sort of makes you feel good, right? Nothing like a clean car to ease the mind.