Camel Express

Remember that ambitious car wash in Tennessee that keeps putting out pretty good press releases — and isn’t even built yet? Well, they’ve put out another one promising to use the latest in iBeacon technology, letting customers pay from their Camel Express Car Wash app on their cell phone without ever having to roll down the window.

According to their press release, their app for both Android and iOS, will use the phone’s GPS to know when the customer is on the premises, initiating payment and opening a special “fast pass” lane — only for unlimited members, of course.

The owners say they’ve hired traffic engineers to study traffic flow and have determined that they need to build the fast pass lane to keep wait times lower. They estimate it’ll reduce the amount of time needed to pass through their (“world’s longest“) 130-foot tunnel by a quarter of the standard wait times around Nashville, about 10-15 minutes.

“This technology will allow the monthly unlimited wash club member to pass through the pay stations in one fourth of the typical time. It stands to reason that there will be more customers who are likely to use this membership if they are able to quickly get in and out of the car wash in half the time,” the company said.

They’re also planning to accept Apple payments and Google Wallet payments. Just when cashless was becoming a necessity for accepting payments, now the world is becoming cardless, too. The good thing is the associated costs with setting up cardless systems are more lower than installing new card readers. Here’s a video demonstrating how Apple Payments work: