Officer Jair Cabrera (Photo: Salt River Police Department)

Officer Jair Cabrera (Photo: Salt River Police Department)

A car wash business with 12 locations around Phoenix raised $18,540 for the family of a local police officer, gunned down during a routine traffic stop last month, The Arizona Republic reported.

Officer Jair Cabrera of the Salt River Police Department was on patrol May 24 when he pulled over a vehicle with three people inside. As he approached, the driver got out of the car and began firing at Cabrera, killing him. The FBI later caught up with the gunman, Elijah Loren Arthur, and charged him with first-degree murder.

In response, Cobblestone Auto Spa organized a fundraiser and called in 150 volunteers. When it was over, they cut a check to the police department. “This exceeded our expectation,” Robert Minson, a Cobblestone spokesman, told the Republic. “We wanted to make sure we did it (right) and really blew it out of the water. I was thrilled.”

Cobblestone has a whole apparatus set up for just such an occasion. On the company’s website, they describe their fundraising process in detail. Groups can sell car washes and raise 50 percent of their sales toward their cause. Here’s how it works:

Cobblestone Auto Spa supplies your organization with special fundraising prepaid wash books. Sell as many books as you can and keep 50% for your group. Each wash book contains 5 “Basic Express Wash” tickets (Value $4.99ea.) You sell each book for $20 each of your supporters will save $5); Your group keeps $10 for every book sold! You have a 1 month selling period to sell as many books as you can; after which you return any unsold books and pay $10 for each book sold.

By selling just 500 car wash ticket books, participants can earn $5,000. “Our program requires no order forms, no pre-payment and there is only one product to sell,” the company says. “And best of all everyone needs a clean car!”