Photo by Preserve Auto Spa and Eco Green Auto Clean

A car wash start-up in Austin, Texas has found a niche market, offering on-site car wash services through companies looking to give perks to their employees. Austin Inno reports that Preserve Auto Spa is offering car washes to employees on site while they work. The new car wash is also environmentally friendly and the owners says it only uses a cup of water per wash.

Brooks Wiley started Preserve Auto Spa to bring high-end perks to employees of high-tech companies as a way for the employers to compete. “There’s like this arms race with tech companies to get top talent,” he said. “And these little perks can make the difference between hiring somebody or not. And we’re trying to get integrated into companies with a culture of sustainability.”

He soon partnered with Eco Green Auto Clean to offer a car wash that uses less water than the average hand or automatic wash. The result is a service that is sensitive to recent droughts in parts of the county including Texas. Wiley wouldn’t disclose which companies he’s offering the services to, but said they’re among the largest in the area.

For $25 to $35 employees can sign up for a wash in advance. They park in a designated area at work and when they leave for the day, their car has been cleaned and is ready.

“A lot of people just like the idea of helping the environment and saving water,” he said. “A typical carwash will waste like 100 gallons of water in a typical wash. This is like a cup of water.”