An Autobell employee puts the finishing touches on a car. (Photo: Flickr)

An Autobell employee puts the finishing touches on a car. (Photo: Flickr)

An executive at the major car wash company Autobell said the industry is the strongest he’s seen it in 10 years, according to a report in the Gaston Gazette. He says fewer people can spend time washing their cars in the driveway, and the car wash industry offers a solution for those with busy lives.

“With the advent of the information age, we are so crunched for time, with smartphones, laptops and iPad and everybody winds up with less time because you can almost never get away from work,” Chief Operating Officer Carl Howard told the Gazette. “We’re there for those people that do feel that crunch.”

Autobell Car Wash is one of the largest car wash brands in the country. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, it has more than 60 locations in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. Recently, according to the Gazette, it had purchased the former location of a Rainbow Auto Spa and plans to open a location there “to make us more visible and easily accessible to our customers,” Howard said.

We wrote about Autobell in February because it had launched a creative local philanthropy project that raised $740,000 last year for local charities.

“We’re happy to offer this simple and effective way for so many worthy nonprofits to reach their fundraising goals,” President and CEO Chuck Howard said at the time. “There’s no need for organizers to plan and execute a parking lot car wash or other large-scale fundraiser, worry about rain dates, or incur any upfront cost.”