20170106124852-5221-big-guys-1A newer car wash in Jasper, Alabama made the local paper this week as employees of the start-up reminisced about its late co-owner who died last year just as the business was breaking ground. The Daily Mountain Eagle reports that Big Guy’s Express Car Wash was named after Lyle Guthrie whose nickname was Big Guy. Guthrie had always dreamed of running a car wash but passed away before he could see things to fruition.

That’s why owners of the wash say they’ve been mindful of maintaing Guthrie’s legacy. One of the ways they do that is by contributing a portion of all of its $20 car wash sales to programs in their local school district. Three dollars from every one of those deluxe washes is given to some type of school program in Walker County, Alabama.

Jeff Guthrie said their number one goal is to give back to the community, as his son would have. He tearfully watched as customers drove into the car wash on Thursday morning. “He would be so proud,” he said.

But the business doesn’t stop there. Big Guy’s Express Car Wash also washes all police cruisers free of charge to the officers. And, to make sure they’re even giving back to their loyal customers, they’ve added loyalty programs for all-you-can-wash monthly specials. Their unlimited wash packages go for either $29.95 a month or $19.95 a month, depending on the type of wash. The owners say it’s their most popular product and so far they’ve sold 200 packages.

There’s also an interesting offer of a $5 towel for customers who want to go the extra mile. The towel has been soaked in three different wash solutions and then kept moist. It can be used for interior and exterior window cleaning as well as for the dashboard, et cetera.