(Photo: iShine Car Wash and Detail)

(Photo: iShine Car Wash and Detail)

As everyone knows, midday errands can be a huge pain. And as car wash business owners know, that kind of sentiment can discourage a lot of potential sales. Now, a car wash and detailing business in Boca Raton, Fla., wants to ease the hassle of their customers’ patronage.

According to Boca magazine, iShine Car Wash and Detail is now offering a chauffeur to anyone who buys one of its detailing services, which range from $39.99 to $139.99. Their driver will drop customers off anywhere within a five-mile radius and pick them up when their car is ready.

Says Boca mag:

That way, you can head back to work, make your salon appointment or wait comfortably at home until your car is ready. Then iShine will give you a call, pick you up and take you back to a squeaky clean car.

It’s a creative innovation, right in line with offering free wifi and concessions. Are we missing any other interesting time-saving solutions for customers?

UPDATE 10:34 a.m. April 23)

We asked whether anyone else had tried something like this and heard back from Clean Car Pros. When they had a different business model, they took their customers who spent $119 or more anywhere they’d like for $10 extra. Their clean car was delivered when it was done.