Trademark Car Wash serves complimentary alcohol to its patrons. | Dallas Observer

A writer for the Dallas Observer recently found out first hand just how much better a little bit of alcohol can make a trip to the car wash. This discovery was made possible by Trademark Car Wash in Plano, Texas. His write-up about the experience at the company’s newest location is pretty funny if you get a chance to read it.

Like countless others suffering under the crippling misery of first world problems, to me, getting a car wash often feels like an inconvenience. Sitting in a dank lobby drinking shitty, free coffee and watching General Hospital on a half-broken television set isn’t an enticing prospect. It turns out that car washes, like most dreaded obligations, are better with booze. Luckily for residents of Plano, Trademark Carwash has got them covered.

As if the availably of libations wasn’t good enough, the owners also opted to serve the drinks for free. Beer and wine is complimentary with car wash services, which for $27, includes what they term “full service.” When the plans for serving booze first went up for approval, they were denied. It turns out serving the alcohol for free instead of selling it, allows for them to create the same upscale bar atmosphere by skirting the rules a bit.

The owner of the car wash said his goal was to create an experience that was unexpected for someone thinking about going to have their vehicle cleaned. With a selection including local craft beers and wine plus your standard Bud Light, Miller Lite, Dos Equis and Red Stripe, we think he’s managed to do just that.