As the weather cleared last weekend in the Northeast, giving way to temperatures in the 50s, drivers flocked to the car wash to spray off the winter grime. The Boston Globe reported long lines at local car washes, and managers said they were working fast to meet the demand.

“We had our busiest day ever last Saturday, because it was so warm out,” Bubbles Car Wash owner Zach Gordon told The Globe. “We cleaned 821 cars and about eight or nine cars a minute.” A normal day might be around 300 cars, a manager said.

According to The Globe:

“It’s been hectic,” said Ricky Soutier, a drier at Bubbles. “If it’s raining, it won’t be so busy, but as soon as the sun comes out, it gets crazy.”

Cleaning winter-streaked cars can be lucrative, at up to $20 a car, but that doesn’t mean workers are asking for more winter.