I will never get tired of videos of terrified kids in car washes. Call me cruel, but I think it’s the most adorable thing ever.

Taking kids through the car wash could either be a breeze or it could be a terrifying experience for both the kids and the parents. With the water shooting out at all angles and the slow lurch toward the bristly teeth of the car wash monster, it’s certainly easy to see why they might be horrified. But to one four year old from California, the car wash isn’t something to be scared of—he just had to convince his baby sister that this was true.

The little girl seemed totally unconvinced when her brother told her, “We won’t die.” But things got better from there.

The further they went through the tunnel wash, the more she started to believe that ‘home’ was on the other side of that scrubber. With their car squeaking clean and their lives no longer on the line, he asked her, “You wanna do that again sometime?” Watch to see what she says.