Tesco_Logo.svgThe British grocery store Tesco has announced major plans to pilot car washes at a few of its locations abroad. The local paper reports that two Tesco locations are in the planning and permitting process for adding a car wash and a valet service. The chain is no stranger to diversifying its offerings. In addition to being able to buy all of your groceries, shoppers can also buy regular household items and even clothing at this retailer.

To get permission, the major chain would need what is called a change of use permit. That would essentially allow for converting parking spaces already on site in their lots into the car wash area and the valet area. The car wash area would have a small office and also an overhang.

The Waves Consultancy has lodged the plans for Camelon, while in Redding the applicant is Jon-pall Bonnett. Applications for signage for the car wash facilities have also been lodged with Falkirk Council.

Tesco has locations in 12 countries. It is the third largest retailer in the world, according to profits. And it has a total of 6,902 locations.

It’s basically the Walmart, Sam’s Club or Costco of England, where it is headquartered. And like many of the giant retailers we see today, there are membership programs and lots of extra perks that make shopping there kind of a one-stop deal. You can get your gas at Costco and develop your film. At Walmart, you can get groceries and stop at the eye doctor on your way out.