Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.52.12 AMCalifornia’s drought continues to plague car washes in the state struggling to stay open and meet customers’ needs in a time of statewide crisis. The challenge has led to several innovations among some enterprising owners, among them the employees of Cruz Thru Express Car Wash.

The Bakersfield car wash is becoming more efficient in its handling of water, according to Kern Golden Empire. The company recently finished $500,000 in renovations for its water reclamation system. The upgrade makes it possible to save 90 percent of the runoff from each wash to use again on another vehicle.

It also allows employees to use recycled water to hose down the pavement outside the business and even to water its landscaping. Cruz Thru Express Car Wash has nine car washes in the state, mostly located in Bakersfield.

“Our locations can produce over 100 gallons of recycled water a minute,” the company’s website says. “This water is then used in the wash process. Because of this, we are able to use about 90% recycled water in our wash tunnels.”