cullenA 17-year-old Greenbae, California boy who started his own car wash business two years ago hopes that his waterless endeavor can earn enough cash to fund his first year of college. The Marin Independent Journal reports that Tyler Cullen has so far raised about $4,500 toward his $30,000 goal with the business. Tyler credits his parents with inspiring him with an idea for the mobile car wash.

“My parents are pretty eco-friendly and have made me aware of the drought situation and other climate problems we’re having,” he told the publication. “So when I was walking to go clean my car one day, I was looking into our garage for a sponge and soap and saw this product, Eco Touch.”
After using the product and seeing its merits first-hand, Tyler said he decided to try to make a side job out of it. Now he drives to customers and washes their vehicles on site with the product.
He began washing cars part time with Eco Touch and called his business Marin Eco Wash. Tyler estimates he’s washed about 150 cars over the years, thus saving about 3,000 gallons of water. His mobile and waterless business has potential to grow in California given the drought problems that persist there, creating a need for water usage restrictions. If he can continue to juggle his classes on top of this business, he hopes to expand it to eventually hire his own employees.
For the full Q&A with Tyler, read the rest of the story on Marin Independent Journal’s site.