Email marketing

Here’s the bad news about email marketing: It’s really, really hard to get people to open your emails. Nine times out of 10 (it’s actually more than that), they see the email and delete it, or worse, they’ve already set up a filter that sends your precious email marketing straight into the trash. On the other hand, if they do open it, that’s so valuable. It means your reader is interested in your subject line and wants to know more. Now it’s up to you to deliver.

Today, let’s look at a few things to think about when it comes to email marketing and whether it’s appropriate for your car wash business. If you’re already doing email marketing, keep in mind that it’s important to track your results to make sure you’re getting enough return on investment. If not, it’s time to take a hard look at your strategy. Here are some things to think about:

  • First, consider the statistics. According to MarketingLand, only 6 percent of emails sent by companies offering consumer products and services (including car wash businesses) actually get opened. That’s compared with 65 percent of travel-related emails that are opened. And they’re only counting emails with personalized subject lines. (MarketingLand also reported that a majority of companies are not leveraging mobile marketing, but we’ll discuss that in another post.)
  • OK, so clearly the subject line is the most important factor in whether someone opens your email. Presumably, you have their email address because they are or have been a customer. That’s a big hurdle you’ve already cleared — they know who you are. Abhishek Shah, of MailLands Technologies, recently posted some best practices for crafting subject lines. Often, these tips are meant to keep your email from looking like spam. No exclamation points, people. And don’t say the word “free.” Consumers don’t like it.
  • It’s also important for you to decide whether you should do your email marketing campaign in house or outsource the job to an expert. There are people who’ve gone to school and devoted their careers to luring consumers to products and services. It’s important to ask whether your time is best spent growing your car wash business while someone else handles your marketing. As the UK’s Optimax wrote:

Small business owners often feel they can or should handle the marketing themselves. After all, it’s their vision? [sic] Surely, they can come up with the value proposition or the company message.

While it’s true they probably can, that doesn’t mean it’s what they should be doing. Small business owners need to focus on the daily operations of their companies or their opportunities for growth. Good small business marketing takes a lot of time, and time spent on marketing is time taken away from other things that can’t be outsourced.