middlebury.jpgA car dealer in Middlebury, Connecticut is petitioning its local government in the hopes of adding a car wash to the existing business. Makes sense, right? You have a built-in customer base, plus enough drive-by business that would expect to see a car wash at a place that services vehicles in other ways.  The Republican American reported the story early this month.

The car dealership is hoping for approval because business has been slow since a few years back when two major car manufacturers stopped selling their models here in the United States. The car dealership hasn’t sold Suzuki or Mitsubishi since. Instead, County Line Wholesale is hoping to reinvent itself, by part in selling used cars.

Patrick Bayliss, who bought the dealership in 1997, believes adding a car wash will make his business whole, with new customers cleaning their vehicles and County Line being able to offer free washes to existing ones.

Patch.com reports that the company would need approval for a variance on the existing code. Then they would set about constructing a 2,100-square-foot addition to house the car wash. The zoning variation only deals with set backs on properties, it sounds like, and not the addition of that type of business.