unknown-2Beacon Car Wash in Washington, Missouri is under new management and the change has come with some neat upgrades for the small business. According to the local publication there, emissourian.com, the company has upgraded its automatic car wash system and added a pet washing station for your dogs. But perhaps the biggest upgrade comes in the form of a digital offering.

The new Beacon Car Wash mobile app allows users to schedule car washes and pay for them all from their smart phone. The app is through a company called Touch4Wash, which gives users a nice little perk when they download the app: A free $10 credit to use at their car washes. That’s not bad considering a single pet wash at Beacon Car Wash costs exactly that.

The totally enclosed pet station also has a drying area so you can make sure your dog isn’t getting the seats wet on the drive home. According to the car wash, an average pet wash sees about 3.5 washes daily. But Beacon Car Wash is seeing about nine pet washes each day after opening the newly renovated business.

Other perks of the renovation include new self-serve bays and new vacuums. The owner says all the technology inside is new and they held a ribbon cutting this month to show it off to the local chamber of commerce.

For more on how to give your car wash a competitive edge with a mobile app, visit Touch4Wash.com. A map shows how many other car washes they’re servicing nationally.