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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

According to Car Wash Magazine, “Today’s consumers are using technology to research and connect with businesses. They are also seeking out businesses that put a premium on providing a positive customer experience” (Curry 56). Since customers are using technology to

5 Industry Trends You Should Know About

The Carwash Industry has been seeing some big changes over the past few years. Internal and external pressures have caused the industry to evolve. Technology, growth, and consumer preference have taken the carwash industry to new heights and have created

Personalizing the Customer Experience

Most business owners have heard about the importance of personalizing customer interaction. It may have started with the Millennials, but now the movement toward personalization and customization has become an important component of business. This is partly due to advances

New Year’s Resolution: It’s Time To Get Serious About Data Security

Data security means keeping credit card, finance, and other customer data safe and secure. It is fast becoming (in fact, it already is) an issue small businesses need to get serious about. There have been so many high-profile leaks and

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Car Wash Marketing Idea: Send A Direct Mail Guide To Winter Car Care

Reaching out to your local community can easily be achieved by sending a direct mail guide, specifically for winter car care. A direct mail is a car wash marketing campaign where mass flyers or postcards are sent through the main

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Car Wash Marketing Insight: What Is Impulse Carwashing?

Impulse carwashing is becoming a popular trend these days, which means any car on the street that passes your business is a potential customer. Understanding how to target impulse car wash customers will help you create a car wash marketing

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