Kim Jong-UnApparently, the car was business is booming in North Korea. You know, the secretive communist state that imprisons its citizens in gulags and prevents all forms of private ownership and individual expression. That North Korea.

The industry has taken off recently as a new wealthy social class develops. Members of the class, known as donju, have spurred industries related to vehicle ownership and maintenance.

“There are more donju who own cars and those involved in transport services these days, so car washes that come with latest machines and hand wash services are gaining popularity as ways to make money,” a source told

The success is shared between automatic and hand washing stations, because both have their benefits. A source said that many can afford the more expensive automated option, but some prefer the hand washing because it’s more thorough. Once source told the publication that the hand washers who work at those stations are usually female and usually attractive. Some car wash businesses even have their female employees dress up to attract donju customers to their shops.