From Iowa to Wisconsin to Virginia, car wash businesses were jammed this weekend with customers looking to flick off the grime of life in the North. (Florida, meanwhile, was laughing at the idea that 50 degrees is “warm.”)

In the last two weeks, “we have about 100-200 cars a day. Usually the line’s about 15 cars in and that’s from open to close,” John Ellingsen, line manager for Ship Shape Plus in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, told WQOW.

“It’s a nice day out, you kind of want to get out and do it yourself,” said Falmouth, Virginia, resident Michelle Baird told as she waited in line at Elite Laundry and Car Wash. “We’ve all been so cooped up for the last month, everybody just wants to get outside.”

In Iowa and Illinois, it was the same story. The temperature crept up to 49 degrees on Sunday. (Just couldn’t bring itself to hit 50.) “Winter time is really one of the busiest times for us,” Brent Hamerlinck, manager at WaterPark Full Service Car Wash in Moline, told Quad City Times. “It’s been cold for about six months.”

If you haven’t already, now is the time to ramp up your marketing a little bit. Here are some good marketing tips, but in general, it’s a good time to set up a discount and plug it 2-4 times per day on Twitter and once per day on Facebook over the next few days. Vary your message a little bit between the cosmetics of a spring cleaning and the investment value of keeping salt — and especially brine — off your car.

Enjoy the nice(r) weather, folks.