Dr. Gleem Car Wash in Houston has an awesome cafe and a mechanic shop on location.

Dr. Gleem Car Wash in Houston has an awesome cafe and a mechanic shop on location.

On Monday, the Houston Press said what we’re all thinking: “All mechanic shops should have cafes.” They meant car washes, too, because Dr. Gleem Auto Salon & Lube Center, outside Houston, has it all.

You can go there and get your oil changed, your engine fixed, your exterior washed, your hair cut — all while eating an awesome BLT with sweet potato fries and a Coke. When you’re done munching and doing your hair, the car will be waiting. And there’s probably not a chance in the world you’ll go to any other car wash ever again.

At least that’s the conclusion the Houston Press writer, Kaitlin Steinberg, reached:

Like most people, I thought the notion of a cafe inside a car wash/barber shop was…um…strange to say the least. Yes, I’ve been bored and hungry and disappointed with vending machine options while waiting for my car to be cleaned or my oil changed. But opening a full-fledged cafe serving breakfast and lunch seemed to be taking that to a whole other level.

One meal at Facundo Cafe and one car wash later, I’m convinced: All mechanic shops should have cafes.

Dr. Gleem and its companion Facundo Cafe apparently got a lot of press when it first opened in 2012. Two years later, business is a little slower than it used to be, but, hey, they’re still open, still dishing up burgers, and still cutting hair.

We’ve pointed to others who swear by the concept of diversifying the offerings at the car wash. Dog washes are the next big thing. And there are plenty of convenience stores that also wash cars. Cafes and barber shops are just a couple other awesome ideas. Of course, with more kinds of businesses come more kinds of hardships. Surprise health inspections and higher startup costs can dampen the excitement.

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