bp-superwashThe International Carwash Association in its Car Wash Magazine is spilling the beans on content marketing. A lot of it is what we already know about content marketing, but only because people like us have been harping on it.

In this piece, “Expert Advice,” they go way in depth and interview car wash owners who’ve found success not by advertising — but by being an expert at the exact moment people are looking for it. Read it, but here’s our favorite example from the piece, quoted from an owner-turned-marketer named David Dwyer:

If Joe’s Car Wash is down the street, and you can enter Joe’s Car Wash on your Google search, super. But people don’t search like that anymore.

(Quick note: They definitely still do search like that. You should create a Google for business account so people can find you easily and see reviews for your car wash on the Google Map. But anyway…)

They search, ‘How do I remove tar from my car?’ They’re looking to solve a vehicle appearance problem. You’ve got to have that on your website so they’re not just coming in through the front door, but the side door, the back door, the up door, the down door. You have to have that content there to establish that you know what you’re talking about.