phillipsWe told you back in November that the Southwest Car Wash Association named Captain Richard Phillips as its keynote speaker for the 2016 convention. Already it’s time to hear them man himself speak when the convention kicks off this weekend. This year’s even begins Sunday and goes through Tuesday in Arlington, Texas.

Phillips’ harrowing true story has been retold in a book and on screen. For five days in 2009, he was at the mercy of Somali pirates who hijacked his ship. The U.S. Navy negotiated for his release as the dangerous scenario played out on live television.

Phillips will address attendees at the 2016 Convention & Car Wash Expo this year, according to a press release. Phillips will recount his tale, which was also told in the film Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks. And he’ll share how those experiences can help business owners.

As he has done on many national broadcasts including NBC; CBS; ABC; CNN and FOX — Captain Phillips will describe his compelling story as a floating CEO in charge of the day to day operations and will draw on the lessons from this dramatic event to help us all have a better perspective on how to make our businesses more successful.

The annual event will take place at the  Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas. For details, visit Southwest Car Wash Association’s website. With less than a week to go, you still have a chance to attend. Visit the site to buy tickets and become a member of the association.