20110210190102-elvispresleyelvisPlans for a new car wash in Nashville, Tennessee could fall through at the last minute if fans of a rock and roll legend have their way. Developers for the proposed car wash will have to make their case before city leaders in the coming weeks to tear down Elvis’ former home to make way for a new business. The move comes after the owner of the historic property said he has spent the past four years looking for a buyer who would preserve the landmark but has come up empty handed.

The Washington Times reports that demolition of historic musical sites in Nashville is a growing problem as more and more people move to the city. To accommodate them, historic sites are often torn down and replaced with housing or other businesses. It’s a bit of a problem considering that those sites and the city’s lore are what lure new residents to Nashville in the first place.

“Nashville hangs its hat on the fact that it’s Music City, USA,” said Robbie Jones, a board member with Historic Nashville Inc. “And if we keep tearing down our music landmarks, how much longer can we claim to be Music City, USA with a straight face?”

The owner of the property is holding out hope that the upcoming hearings for the car wash developers will make the issue public enough to entice a buyer who will promise to keep the property as a sort of museum. If the car wash plans go through, the new business would sit between an auto parts store and a car repair shop.