robberySome crimes that take place at car washes are inherently car wash crimes. Think of car hackings or stolen coins from a machine. And other crimes just simply take place at car washes the way they might take place at any gas station or convenience store where drivers frequent. These three crime stories for the month of October feature a bit of each.

Salt Lake City police are looking for a man who they say shot and killed a man at a car wash then set the vehicle on fire. It all took place Oct. 21 after 10 p.m. that evening. Police believe some kind of altercation took place between the victim and the suspect. The victim was shot and died at the car wash. His vehicle was later found at a different location and set on fire. Luckily in this case, nearby surveillance cameras picked up some images of a woman at the wheel of the car. Police have circulated them in hopes of making an ID.

And a man in Leesburg, Florida has been arrested after police there say he was caught selling drugs. The Daily Commercial reports the man arrested saw cops coming and threw a bag over his vehicle. Once on seen, police found 100 grams of powdered cocaine and crack cocaine in the bag. The 35-year-old was arrested after a tip to police that he had been selling drugs at the car wash.

And police in Winston-Salem, North Carolina are looking for three teens who they say stole a vehicle from a car wash while armed. The crime is being considered both a car jacking and an armed robbery. A woman said she was vacuuming her vehicle at the car wash when three teens approached. The one with a gun demanded the keys to her vehicle and she handed them over.

To keep your car wash safe, consider these tips.