crimeEach month we bring you snippets from the news about crime taking place at car washes around the country and around the world. This month, we have stories of hacking, violence and theft. Enjoy your monthly dose.

Customers of a local car wash in Los Angeles, California are being warned to check their credit card transactions for any time of fraudulent activity after officials there say hackers targeted the business. Fox11 reports the breach took place back in February. The hackers used malware to access customers’ names, card numbers and pins. They did this over the period of about three weeks before the business noticed.

And a violent car wash robber received his sentence this month for a crime he committed at an Albany, New York car wash last year. The man will serve 12 years in prison after authorities there say he used a gun in a robbery. he didn’t shoot the gun, but he displayed it and police say it was loaded. He also stole $4,000 from the business during the crime.

Plus a chase with deputies led to the arrest of a man they say stole a vehicle from a car wash in Los Angeles County. Deputies say the man jumped the car while it had keys in the ignition and then drove off. The theft was reported and deputies gave chase. The man quickly discarded the vehicle and ran on foot but was stopped and arrested.