crimeHere’s a sampling of the various crimes committed at car washes across the country and around the world the past month.

A man in Okalahoma, City was arrested after surveillance footage from a nearby car wash showed he vandalized the business trying to take money from a cash box on the property. The vandal only got away with $15, but the damage done to the business is much more, according to the owner. The arrested man faces charges of burglary and attempted burglary. Just another reason every car wash owner should have a security system or surveillance system on property.

And a man who committed his second DWI charge was arrested after damaging a car wash. The crime took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and police there say the man tried to flee from them. It was during his getaway that he struck several objects, including the car wash building.

Plus protestors in Oregon say that a zoo there is forcing its elephants to wash the cars of visitors as a kind of draw for tourists. The animals are forced to perform the trick “under threat of bullhook,” a tool used to train and handle animals in the zoo and in the circus. There is a petition circulating to encourage the zoo to drop the practice.