Crime SceneCar washes seem to be magnets for bizarre crime. August has been no different than any other month in that sense. Here are four stories we’re highlighting both for laughs and so that you can look at what kinds of crimes you should be protecting your own business against.

This one’s just weird. A man in North Phoenix, Arizona used a machete to rob a car wash there. reports that the man pulled out a blade about a foot and a half long and threatened the clerk. He made off with $258 before he was arrested.

And two men were arrested in Green Bay, Wisconsin for trying to break into a coin machine at the business. reports the men were seen on a surveillance camera using a tool to break into the coin machine. Both men were caught after law enforcement found a vehicle description from the footage and tracked them down.

Two other men who tried to buy drugs from a man at a car wash in San Antonio, Texas tried to avoid arrest by leading law enforcement on a foot chase. reports the men were to meet at the car wash and make the deal when it went south.

And another burglary suspect, this one in Seminole, Texas, is wanted by law enforcement there. The Seminole Sentinel reports the man broke into a car wash office around 3 a.m. and is wanted for the crime.