Just as banks are prone to robberies and bars are prone to fist fights, there are crimes commonly committed at car washes that a good business owner will look to avoid. Here are two we see and hear about all the time. Take it as a friendly reminder to stay on your toes.

The first crime of stolen car wash coins is one we hear about all too often. Police in Michigan are looking for a man who broke into a car wash office after hours and stole lock boxes full of $900 in cash. The Ann Arbor News reports that the thieves made their way into Mr. Bubble Auto Spa by forcing their way through a bay door to the office where they smashed an office window.

If your car wash allows for access to the office through a bay, make sure the area is well lit and easily viewed from the street. Providing a sheltered view of the office could make criminals feel more comfortable breaking in away from prying eyes. It’s smart to invest in an alarm system too, as one of the other crimes we typically see involve theft of the coin machines.

Police have no suspects in this case. Consider security cameras for your business. If you’re ever a victim of theft, that footage could help track down the perpetrator.

In Parkland, Florida this week, a man was caught on camera burglarizing cars parked at a car wash. WPLG reports the man has not been arrested and some of the victims got their belongings back. Deputies are looking at footage to track a suspect.

Remind your customers to lock their vehicles and remove valuables before leaving their cars unattended.