Crime SceneWe’re bringing back a semi-regular feature in which we deliver a roundup of the strangest happenings in the car wash industry. This month in weird car wash news:

The driver of a Porsche found himself needing more than a cleaning after driving his new 2014 Porsche 911 into a car detailing building. The 73-year-old had just finished making an appointment at the car wash office when the crash happened. Police are investigating after the man, who suffered minor injuries, said his brakes froze up. The $110,000 vehicle was crushed under the building’s roof.

And owners of a car wash in New Zealand found an unlikely customer snoozing in one of their car wash bays. A seal was spotted at the business and has been seen around town there recently. Locals snapped a pic before contact wildlife officials.

Thankfully there was enough water to put out an arson fire that damaged a car wash in Johnson City, New York. Police who responded to the fire, which was set inside the car wash, and knocked it out before it caused too much damage. A man was later arrested for arson.