El Diamante Hand Car Wash | Sandy Bressner

A run-down car wash in St. Charles, Illinois reopened this month with some major upgrades thanks to a few generous customers. The Kane County Chronicle reports that El Diamante Hand Car Wash was closed for one month for the renovations and debuted its facelift Dec. 1. Volunteers improved the building’s bathroom, break room, exterior, carpeting and flooring. They even repainted and brought in new furniture.

the upgrades were made possible by one of the car wash’s most loyal customers. For four of the past seven years the car wash has been in business, the Gonzalez-Mendez family has visited to have their vehicles washed. After growing close to the car wash owners, the Gonzalez-Mendez family decided to pay for all of the renovations to the business. A handful of volunteers even contributed to make the labor free.

“They offered to pay for everything,” Manager Naye Gomez said during the grand reopening. “It was really kind of them.”

The car wash’s manager described the family as “our angels here on earth.” Customers packed the car wash on the Tuesday it reopened and were appreciative of the upgrades, the Kane County Chronicle reports. And perhaps because they were too humble to take credit for the work, the Gonzalez-Mendez family did not return the news organization’s call for comment about the donations.