Photo from City of Carson

Now here’s a feel good story for you out of California. That’s where a man recently retired after working at the same car wash for 49 years. The Compton Herald reports that Robert “Bobby” Villaseňor is throwing the towel — pun intended — after nearly five decades in the same industry and at the same location.


His story grabbed the attention of the local city council in Carson City, California. So Carson City Council members presented Bobby with a special certificate they had made to recognize his years of service. They presented it to him this month.

“People like Robert Villaseňor are worthy of our praise, respect, recognition, and honor,” Mayor Albert Robles said. “I [want] to thank Councilwoman Lula Davis-Holmes for bringing the idea to recognize Mr. Villaseňor. On behalf of the many thousands of lives that Mr. Villaseňor touched here in the City of Carson, may blessings continue to follow him in the days to come.”

Bobby’s story is also one about the American dream. Originally from Mexico, he immigrated to California and raised three children along with his wife. His three kids have gone on to work as an educator, a veterinarian and an architect.

Bobby began working at the iconic Carson Car Wash back in 1966 and never left. His advice to others is to behave and be the hardest working employee at whatever business you choose to work.