carwashA car wash manager in Louisiana had a close call at his shop recently while cleaning some equipment. The incident was caught on video and is making its rounds online with news stations calling the encounter hilarious. The employee says he’s lucky to have escaped more serious injuries.

Josh Hood works at Pitstop Carwash in Slidell, Louisiana. He was cleaning the inside of a car wash bay when his power hose got caught up in a brush. The brush was set to a spin cycle and the force wrapped the hose and took Hood with it. He’s seen spinning for several seconds in the video, unable to free himself. He struggles for a moment at the base of the brush with his arms on the floor until power was cut to the machinery. Another employee helped Hood out of the bay.

“It’s kind of sad to watch, but you can’t help but laugh as Hood can be seen on security video spinning around as he holds on to the big brush. Eventually, an employee helped Hood out of the car wash.”

Hood escaped with some road rash to his legs but was not seriously hurt. The entire encounter was caught on security footage which was somehow later shared with news outlets.

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