The Home Farm Trust car wash team. | Stroud News & Journal

A car wash in England is looking for more organizations to partner with in the hopes of finding employment for workers with disabilities. The Home Farm Trust Car Wash employs workers with disabilities as a way to introduce them to the work force. Once they’ve learned basic skills for that specific job as well as general skills, they can often find employment outside of the car wash.

The Stroud News & Journal reports that Home Farm Trust is hoping to have more companies in the community visit and meet with potential employees. The project recently earned the attention of the Stroud mayor who recognized them for the support they give their employees and also for their green initiatives.

“The reason I chose this project for my personal award is that it ticks so many boxes,” Mayor Kevin Cranston said. “It is helping disadvantaged people to find work, teaching useful life skills. It is an environmentally sound activity, they only use about half a litre of water and no chemicals to wash each car, so there is no mess or pollution. Also a clean car is generally more fuel efficient.”

Former employees of the car wash have gone on to work for other major employers in the country. Their supervisor Chris Butler said employees of the car wash learn how to work hard and show up for their shifts on time.