What began as a way to help those with mental disabilities integrate into society has turned into a fully fledged car wash business. Minds Wash is a car wash that began in Singapore more than 15 years ago. When it started, the goal was to give those who participated in the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore a way to learn work and social skills.

Soon, the car wash was serving a steady flow of customers. At first, AsiaOne.com reports that the business saw about 14 cars a day on weekends. Now, about 70 vehicles come through the wash on a daily basis.

The solid customer base means that the 30 trainees who work at the wash each day can go home with between $250 and $350 a month in allowances. Over the past 15 years, the car wash has helped its trainees develop relationships with its regular customers. There are some people who are known to bring food and drinks to the trainees as they work.

Retiree Yat Ah Kwok, 66, has been visiting Minds Wash weekly from his home in Punggol since he stumbled upon it four years ago while pumping petrol. Now, this is the only car wash he visits because he wants to support the cause.

“I won’t go to other places. These people are all my friends. I’ve also told my friends who live nearby to wash their cars here,” he said.

We’ve told you about similar business models in the past. Because hand washes involve minimal training for employees, car washes often make great employers for those with disabilities, pairing a great business with a worthy cause.